I decided to bet on this organization because I feel that the best way to distribute wealth in development countries as our Peru is by distributing knowledge it in a fair and equal way. Now, through the help of Junior Achievement Worldwide and their pillars, we want to expand the entrepreneurial education, financial literacy and work readiness to the whole country and to the poorest schools. In that way, there will be no differences that generate inequality. However, in the digital and global era where humanity evolves, it is clear that we need to teach how to fish and not to give out fishes. “Give a fish as a present and you will feed them for a day, teach them how to fish and you will feed them for life” reads the bible passage and that is how it works. As a regional board member, I feel it is a great advantage that Junior Achievement Worldwide is part of a worldwide organization as it allows us to Exchange our best practices and experiences to replicate them in neighbor countries. The commitment is not only to grow at a country level, but steadily as a region.

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