Middle School

Junior Achievement has several highly effective programs for middle grades students that reinforce the value of workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Students are introduced to many economic concepts and useful facts about the working world.

The middle grades programs build on concepts the students learned in Junior Achievement's elementary school program and help teens make difficult decisions about how to best prepare for their educational and professional future. The programs supplement standard social studies curricula and develop communication skills that are essential to success in the business world.

To learn of opportunities for involvement in your area, please contact the local JA office nearest you.


JA It’s My Business! encompasses entrepreneurship curriculum for students in grades six, seven, and eight. The program emphasizes entrepreneurship while providing a strong focus on social studies, reading, and writing skills.

Students are encouraged to use critical thinking to learn entrepreneurial skills that support positive attitudes as they explore and enhance their career aspirations.

Each JA It's My Business! program kit comes with an informative workbook like the one seen here.

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Fifth and sixth grade Primary School Classroom Program (10 and 11 years old)

Duration: 7 sessions plus an introduction class.

“Learn to undertake within the Environment” is the first educational program on environmental matters from Junior Achievement at a worldwide level and its goal is for students to become active agents/entrepreneurs on the environmental subject matter.

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The purpose of the program is to promote in students understanding towards the climate change originated by the actions of human beings. It has the objective of inspiring responsibility and cooperation needed to mitigate their effects to drive sustainable development habits.

The objectives of Climate Entrepreneurs

By the end of the program the students should:

  • Learn the basic and general concepts on climate change, including: its conception, causes and effects.
  • Understand that some human activities produce important climate changes risking the environmental balance. Understand their important role as citizens (individuals, workers and consumers) in the mitigation actions. 
  • Perceive the climate change problematic not as a devastating event but as an opportunity to innovate in transforming ideas. 
  • Understand that, everyone from their own place, can promote positive changes.
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The purpose of the program “The Advantages of staying in School” is for students to understand the role of education for their future. During the sessions, they will work on concepts like employment, education, interests, and personal abilities.

The bases of this program are:

  • To reinforce the relation between education and training as a mean to increase employment.
  • To grow awareness in senior students of primary school regarding the related consequences in the decision of dropping out from school.
  • To integrate the employment concept with the concepts of education and continuous training.

The Advantages of staying in School is a program from the primary area recommended mainly for public schools students and students in their last years of primary school or in the first years of secondary schools.

The duration of the program is 5 sessions where a volunteer will work with them introducing concepts and predetermined activities. 

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JA Economics for Success explores personal finance and students’ education and career options based on their skills, interests, and values. JA Economics for Success is a series of six activities recommended for students in grades six, seven, and eight.

Each JA Economics for Success program kit comes with an informative workbook like the one seen here.
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JA America Works provides students with examples of how business and entrepreneurship affected the economic development of the United States during the 19th century.

Each JA America Works program kit comes with an informative workbook like the one seen here.

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Taking students into the world of business, JA Finance Park is a month-long economics education program that introduces personal financial planning and career exploration. It is designed to be taught to middle grade and high school students by classroom teachers. At the culmination of this program, students visit JA Finance Park to put into practice what they’ve learned about economic options and the principles of budgeting. Assisted by their teachers and a staff of trained volunteers, they have the opportunity to actually develop and commit to a personal budget.

This handy student workbook is contained in each JA Finance Park program kit.

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JA Global Marketplace is designed to provide practical information about the key aspects of the global economy, what makes world trade work, and how trade affects students’ daily lives.

The learning objectives listed beside each activity state the skills and knowledge the students will gain.

Each JA Global Marketplace program kit comes with an informative workbook like the one seen here.

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