Within the frame of the JA Women for Development program, created with Citi Foundation, JA Americas carried out its first Seminars on Women Empowerment  in Ecuador and Panama to continue working towards the reduction of the gender gap in the region.

Ecuador and Panama were the elected countries for JA Americas to develop the two first Seminars on Women Empowerment , activities that were carried out within the frame of the JA Women for Development program, created by JA Americas and Citi Foundation seven years ago. The program´s goal is to train women in vulnerable situations, teaching them basic financial and entrepreneurial tools so that they can be inserted in the job market or create jobs; and it is completed by providing the participants with the possibility of applying for microcredits that allow them to boost their business. Since 2010, more than 17,000 women were benefited thanks to the vision and commitment of Citi Foundation.

This year, for the first time, as a complementary activity a round of Seminars was carried out to complement the regional initiative: Ecuador and Panama had the opportunity to invite female leaders from different areas to share their experiences with the program´s participants. Both rounds ended with workshops that served to collect best practices and improvement ideas for the following trainings. 

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